Animation Studio Animation Studio

In the Animation studio at ARUCAD University, students will learn and experience different kinds of animation methods as 2D, stop motion and paper cut. They can also participate in the different projects run by the tutors at the university and be part of the production process of video clips and short animated films.

With the help of the instructors, students can also use the animation studio to work on their projects and assignments from other related courses.

Digital Production Studio Digital Production Studio

The opportunity to produce the prototypes of two and/or three dimensional designs with industrial tools such as laser cutter, three dimensional scanner, three dimensional printer, plotter and folio paper cutter are provided for our students at the ARUCAD Digital Production Studio. During the production process of organic or inorganic designs, students, under the supervision of our specialized educationists, gain experience in all stages of production, right from the sketching stage to the finished product.

Photography and Video Studio Photography and Video Studio

The photography and the video studios are designed to facilitate the students not only to get familiarised with the technical possibilities of photography and video that goes beyond the basic usage of the skills but to provide students with an understanding of the attributions of photography and video as art tools and how to utilise those specific mediums as an art language. This will be in the line in which students would be able to recognise the different tendencies that they may be interested in, communicate with them and thus position themselves particularly in terms of innovative approaches.

Painting Studio Painting Studio

Design and Basic Arts Education lessons are taught at our workshop which has been set up for the common use of all arts disciplines. At our workshop, which has been set up to  enable us to have an visual,  sensual and aesthetic perception and comprehension of our world; we strive to assist the student to establish an artistic infrastructure through the use  of live models and mannequins; composition, drawing,  texture, perspective colour theorems, and  use of instruments such  as pencil, charcoal pencil, ink, paint and teaching of drawing techniques.  Our workshop has all the materials that are prerequisites for a modern education and has a space where 20 students can work at any given time.

Design Studio Design Studio

Design studio is composed of units, workshops and themes from first year to the final, in which students and teachers – tutors bring different aspects of creative fields into design-lead experimentation, research and practice. Amongst different levels of students, which grouped in diverse themes, exchange is important.

Students can choose their own project, site, research and design methodology, and develop their interdisciplinary design-lead research and study intersecting with other disciplines as film, animation, photography, creative writing, digital and analogue, engineering, etc.

It is valuable that the studio environment reflects the practice of researching, experimentation, open, collaborative teaching and learning experience, interdisciplinary, professional interaction. Our design studio is spatially and technologically equipped to discover the potentials of both their talents and modes of working. Students will have their personal and group working space for 24/7.

The design studio is composed of two lecture rooms each with the capacity of 20 people, computer hub with printing, plotting and scanning facilities, library and resting areas and the main working area in which students and groups can personalize their working space for their working method. This flexible multipurpose studio can easily be rearranged with the soft and hard surface divisions for a sufficient and healthy working environment. This design studio is equipped with tools to work with wood, stone, glass, fabrics, electronics, light and workshop environments like sand pool, water pool on different scales of experimentation from micro material scale to the constructed object or space scale.