Mac Lab Mac Lab

Our Mac Lab has 54 Mac computers equipped with the latest technologies to meet all the requirements of digital design applications. Our Mac Lab will allow our students to work professionally with the programmes they need.

Using Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3D Max programmes practically will allow you to go beyond of what you can do in your career in technology age.

PC Lab PC Lab

The PC lab at ARUCAD provides the students with powerful and up to date windows computers have all the necessary software related to computer graphics, editing, and design and 3D programmes.

Students are free to use the PC lab to carry their research or work on their assignments.

Fab Lab Fab Lab

The Fab Lab at the Arkin University for Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) has been officially recognized as the first Fab Lab on the island of Cyprus. This designation will help to propel our Fab Lab as a technical prototyping platform for creativity, innovation, invention and entrepreneurship. Being recognized as a Fab Lab means connecting to a global community of designers, makers, fabricators, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, students, amateurs, professionals, of all ages located in more than 78 countries. This community is simultaneously a distributed education network, and a distributed research facility working to digitize fabrication, inventing the next generation of manufacturing and personal fabrication. We have developed the capability to make objects in wood, metal, ceramics, glass, stone and our facilities include, CNC milling and sculpting, 3D printing, Laser Cutting, 3D scanning, Vinyl Cutting, Virtual and Augmented Reality.