Art and Culture Management (PhD)


The Art and Cultural Management Doctorate Programme will develop creative projects and innovative approaches at national and international levels in the changing artistic, cultural, economic and social environment, and will make decisions in line with the participation, sharing and, at the same time, sustainability of contemporary cultural and artistic institutions, and aims to train future professional art and culture managers who can contribute to the development of the art environment. Our doctorate programme is the first and only doctoral programme in the region in the field of art and cultural management.

Our programme offers a broad perspective for the provision of all kinds of innovative knowledge in order to examine and discuss the production and management relationships in this sector with the cultural and artistic infrastructure and institutions, and to develop creative approaches that includes many studies from museum management, curatorial work, art-culture management, cultural politics, arts and cultural management.

Our Art and Cultural Management doctorate programme aims to train qualified people to work in public and private institutions serving in the field of art and culture both in our country and in the world, to increase the number of art and cultural management graduates who will take part in the art market, as well as being a pioneer in the training of academicians and theorists who will contribute to the field with their scientific studies.


  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 4 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
2023 – 2024 Academic Year Graduate Student Tuition Fee Table for New Registrations
Graduate ProgrammesPhD
7 courses, seminar, thesis
Fee per course€ 500
Thesis fee per semester€ 500
Seminar fee per semester€ 350
Graduation Project feeNA
Per Deficiency (bridging) course fee (if assigned) per course€ 250
English Preparatory Program ( if assigned) per semester€ 812.50
Registration fee per semester€ 150
Note: 5% VAT will be added to the total amount due
Academic Staff Academic Staff
Programme Curriculum Programme Curriculum
Course CodeCourse NameTPL CECourse CodeCourse NameTPLCE
GRAD601Research Methods and Scientific Ethics30035ADCA600Competence in Art Seminar000015
ADCA611Art and Design Studio I22035ADCA612Art and Design Studio II22035
Program Elective I035Program Elective III035
Program Elective II035Program Elective IV035
Course CodeCourse NameTPLCECourse CodeCourse NameTPLCE
ADCA680Proficiency in Art000030ADCA690Thesis/ Project0030
Course CodeCourse NameTPLCECourse CodeCourse NameTPLCE
ADCA690Thesis/ Project0030ADCA690Thesis/ Project0030
Course CodeCourse NameTPLCECourse CodeCourse NameTPLCE
ADCA690Thesis/ Project0030ADCA690Thesis/ Project0030


Elective Courses List
Course CodeCourse NameTPLCE
ADCA620Contemporary Art, Technology and Design22035
ADCA630Alternative Design in Ceramic Art22035
ADCA631Ceramic Sculpture22035
ADCA621Advanced Drawing Studio22035
ADCA603Art and Criticism30035
ADCA604Public Environment and Art30035
ADCA640Artist-book Design22035
ADCA605Aesthetics and Politics30035
ADCA650Film and the Moving Image22035
ADCA641Experimental Photography22035
ADCA651Documentary Production22035
ADCA660Animation Theory and Practice22035
ADCA670Creative Design and Production Relationships30035
ADCA672Intercultural Advertising and Creative Strategy30035
ADCA673New Trends in Typographic Design22035