Architecture (PhD)


PhD in Architecture postgraduate programme constitutes the development of different approaches, strategies and models about design, theory/criticism and application in architecture; the interaction between theory and practice in architectural research; rethinking issues such as spatial experience, environmental meaning, urban memory, image, identity, aesthetics and ethics within the framework of current dynamics; questioning the interdisciplinary structure in human-environment relations; spatial relations, city, culture, politics, economy, and so on. It is the ability to critically evaluate the contexts. Understanding and interpreting architecture in relation to different disciplines; it is the development of new design strategies regarding architectural design education and the production of architectural design knowledge.

As a graduate with a PhD degree, you have the opportunity to start your career in academia as an early career academic involved in teaching and learning in higher education institutions or possibly pursue a career in research and development in research institutes in one of the many related fields in which you have expertise.


  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 4 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
2023 – 2024 Academic Year Graduate Student Tuition Fee Table for New Registrations
Graduate ProgrammesPhD
7 courses, seminar, thesis
Fee per course€ 500
Thesis fee per semester€ 500
Seminar fee per semester€ 350
Graduation Project feeNA
Per Deficiency (bridging) course fee (if assigned) per course€ 250
English Preparatory Program ( if assigned) per semester€ 812.50
Registration fee per semester€ 150
Note: 5% VAT will be added to the total amount due
Academic Staff Academic Staff