Communication Studies (MA)


With an interdisciplinary approach, Communication Studies is a postgraduate programme that can be completed with or without a thesis and that will result in a master’s degree in social sciences.

The programme offers students a choice structure in terms of  theory — practice orientation as well as  digital media design.  Students will be able to create a curriculum based on advertising or digital media design in accordance with their desired careers through the elective courses they will take in this graduate programme.

With this programme, ARUCAD aims to support professional communication studies based on scientific knowledge while ensuring that the profession is combined with creativity. It is intended that graduates who complete this programme, which allows different orientations on the basis of communication science, are people who produce works based on scientific knowledge in creating original, responsible, meaningful and rich content, aesthetically designing knowledge and information in their management of the professional communication process.

Graduate students in this programme will have advanced skills in the communication profession, in which news or advertising media based on digital communication technology play an important role, and will be able to become communication experts and/or trainers who are inquisitive, creative and oriented towards providing high quality products and services in their professional contributions to society.

  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 1,5 - 2 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
2020 – 2021 Academic Year Graduate Student Tuition Fee Table for New Registrations
Graduate ProgrammesMA (with Thesis)MA (without Thesis)
7 courses, seminar, thesis10 courses, graduation project
Fee per course€ 350€ 350
Thesis fee per semester€ 350NA
Seminar fee per semester€ 350NA
Graduation Project feeNA€ 350
Per Deficiency (bridging) course fee (if assigned) per course€ 250€ 250
English Preparatory Program ( if assigned) per semester€ 812.50€ 812.50
Registration fee per semester€ 50€ 50
Note: 5% VAT will be added to the total amount due
Academic Staff Academic Staff