Architectural Design (MA)


The Architectural Design Graduate education process aims to produce various alternative and original solutions based on research and application that examine the issues in the field of architectural design, theory and criticism from different perspectives.

Throughout their professional lives, our graduates are ready to suggest, conduct, conclude and share interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary researches and works in scientific environments using various approaches, methods and techniques, based on the intersections of architectural design, human sciences, social sciences and natural sciences.

Experiencing alternative architectural design processes, our graduates are equipped to develop the necessary architectural design processes.

By actively discovering and shaping our common future, our ARUCAD Architectural Design Master’s program graduates will contribute to the emergence of new professional paths by focusing on design, research and production.

Our dynamic graduates with high responsibility, leadership and the ability to manage teamwork will contribute to the development of the quality of life by working as a freelance architect; as an architect in institutions that accommodate different disciplines, in architectural offices; as an Manager, Designer, Controller, Implementer, Educator and Researcher in the institutions developing industrial and design-related building technologies, in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, in the Zoning departments of the municipalities, in public institutions such as Provincial Bank, Ministry of Transport, Universities, as an Architect, Manager, Controller in private sector companies such as Building Audit firms, Consulting offices, Architectural project offices, Banks; and by building up their own successful works based on their creative and original perspective in different fields such as literature, media, cinema, music, industry and entrepreneurship.

  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 1,5 - 2 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
2022 – 2023 Academic Year Graduate Student Tuition Fee Table for New Registrations
Graduate ProgrammesMA (with Thesis)MA (without Thesis)
7 courses, seminar, thesis10 courses, graduation project
Fee per course€ 350€ 350
Thesis fee per semester€ 350NA
Seminar fee per semester€ 350NA
Graduation Project feeNA€ 350
Per Deficiency (bridging) course fee (if assigned) per course€ 250€ 250
English Preparatory Program ( if assigned) per semester€ 812.50€ 812.50
Registration fee per semester€ 50€ 50
Note: 5% VAT will be added to the total amount due
Academic Staff Academic Staff