Today’s media companies are seeking communication and media professionals who can not only perform the duties of a journalist, public relations or advertising practitioner, but who are also comfortable with visual design and content production for digital media – e.g., online publications, blogs, podcasts, virtual communities, interactive advertising.
New Media & Communications  at ARUCAD is uniquely positioned to prepare students for today’s media environment, where communication professionals are expected to have a broad range of technical knowledge and creative skills, from critical thinking to the ability to create interactive media, digital arts, and strategic communication campaigns.
Students who opt for the New Media & Communications Department at ARUCAD will benefit from a contemporary understanding of emerging trends in the evolving communication industry.

Our graduates will be able to work in a variety of traditional and non-traditional fields located in a wide spectrum of private corporations, public agencies, non-profit organisations and various media-related industries.
Graduates may pursue careers in:
Graphic design
Video/film production
Web design
Game design
Media relations
Media design
Corporate communication
Research and information management positions
Online journalism
Media authoring
Social media management
Public relations

  • Medium of Instructions Turkish
  • Programme Duration 4 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
Scholarships2021-2022 Academic Year
Annual Tuition FeeAnnual Registration FeeTotal Annual Fee
100%€ 1,000€ 1,000
90%€ 650€ 1,000€ 1,650
75%€ 1,625€ 1,000€ 2,625
50%€ 3,250€ 1,000€ 4,250
25%€ 4,875€ 1,000€ 5,875

5% VAT will be added to total amount due. All payments are made on semester basis (Fall / Spring semester).

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