The Department of Plastic Arts offers a specialist programme that combines traditional techniques with innovative approaches to making art.

The four-year BA (Hons) degree programme in Plastic Arts is a dynamic course that guides students in the fields of painting, printmaking, sculpture, glass making and ceramics, alongside integral practices of interdisciplinary studio approaches where students develop their theoretical and practical creative skills.

The programme links technical training, critical thinking and historical perspective, and students are encouraged to develop their artistic practice as part of intellectual and critical enquiry. Students will gain the opportunity to make a tangible difference on a local, national, and international scale with guidance from exceptional staff and access to incomparable technical and studio resources.

ARUCAD’s Department of Plastic Arts has a vision of developing and raising the values and production of art-making in Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean region. Our graduates will gain a wide-range of sophisticated skills in the fields of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics, Glass and interdisciplinary approaches that tap into Digital and New Media Art.

Graduates of the BA (Hons) Plastic Arts programme will be equipped to become professional independent practitioners in the international art scene.

Example work areas

  • Galleries, museums
  • Private artist studios
  • Media and Media production
  •  Journalism
  • Art management
  • Art related law
  • Private work / project
  • Community art centers / projects
  • Application-oriented independent studios
  • Teaching at different levels
  • Communication
  • Public service
  • Social activism
  • Creative industries
  • Continuing postgraduate education
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 4 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES
Scholarships2022-2023 Academic Year
Annual Tuition FeeAnnual Registration FeeTotal Annual Fee
100%€ 1,000€ 1,000
90%€ 650€ 1,000€ 1,650
75%€ 1,625€ 1,000€ 2,625
50%€ 3,250€ 1,000€ 4,250
25%€ 4,875€ 1,000€ 5,875

5% VAT will be added to total amount due. All payments are made on semester basis (Fall / Spring semester).

Academic Staff Academic Staff