The Department of Ceramics and Glass offers a specialist programme that combines traditional production techniques and contemporary art.
The four-year BA (Hons) degree programme in the field of ceramics and glass art has the vision of providing students with practical skills in creating and presenting their own original works through workshops, as well as learning contemporary and traditional techniques.
The programme provides a wide range of practice-led studios and workshops and offers common strategies for creative thinking in lectures and seminars where visual arts and history meet.

Graduates of the Department of Ceramics and Glass acquire a range of knowledge, skills and relevant experiences that allow them to become independent practitioners of their art. They will develop a capacity for critical inquiry while honing their research skills.
Graduates of the BA (Hons) Ceramics and Glass programme will be equipped to become professional independent practitioners in the international art scene, researchers of this field, work for glass – ceramic industry as designers, occupy posts in research institutions or maintain their research and artistic studies as autonomous artists.

  • Medium of Instructions English
  • Programme Duration 4 YEARS
  • English Preparatory School YES


2022-2023 Academic Year
Annual Tuition FeeAnnual Registration FeeTotal Annual Fee
100%€ 1,000€ 1,000
90%€ 650€ 1,000€ 1,650
75%€ 1,625€ 1,000€ 2,625
50%€ 3,250€ 1,000€ 4,250
25%€ 4,875€ 1,000€ 5,875

5% VAT will be added to total amount due. All payments are made on semester basis (Fall / Spring semester).

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