International International

As ARUCAD, our goal is to educate students with global citizenship awareness who can think and integrate with the world while adopting universal cultural values as principles. For this reason, we select our education staff from domestic and foreign academicians who have gained an international reputation. Our faculty members have graduated from the world’s leading universities. All academic production of the university aims to contribute to society and universal art literature. ARUCAD has adopted its own principle of achieving its founding goals with the vision of becoming the world’s leading art-oriented thematic international university.

A career of privilege A career of privilege

ARUCAD has adopted the principle of gaining the skills and ways of thinking that will provide a privileged career in the field of artistic production. We will lead you to work and thrive as a team, thinking critically and exploring different perspectives, while producing creative works that will furnish you with the skills you need to improve your high reasoning and independent thinking ability. We will present the possibilities of production not only in the intellectual perspectives but in the most competent physical ways as well.

Interdisciplinary Approach Interdisciplinary Approach

ARUCAD students are creative thinkers determined to make a difference in the world. We have prepared the best possible educational experience for you. Our goal is to help you build the life you want. From research to education, we value the interdisciplinary focus in everything we do.

Research Research

Undergraduate research is at the core of ARUCAD’s learning experience and we offer all our students extensive research opportunities. Research is the way that students learn, explore and advance their learning space and is an important start in preparing for your master’s degree or first job.

Making Difference Making Difference

At ARUCAD, you will meet the faculty that will change your life. You will lay the foundation for your lifelong friendships here and become part of the overseas network that your academics, who are recognized in the field of international art, will present to you. At ARUCAD, you can become a member of the world’s leading academic and artistic communities, participate in student performances, study groups, or travel to other countries to showcase your work. When you join us, you will discover the difference of ARUCAD.