International International

Since our founding, our goal has been to educate students who think globally, are fundamentally committed to the ideals of equality for all, and understand the value of cultural exchange and diversity.

Our teachers graduated from the world’s leading universities and are experts in their field at home and abroad. ARUCAD’s educational program is entirely aimed at supporting students and academics who could transform the international art and design scene through their activities.

Career opportunities Career opportunities

ARUCAD’s study curriculum is aimed at developing skills that will help graduates stand out in the job market from and begin their journey through the creative industry career ladder. In addition to industry-specific skills, we provide students with skills needed in any workplace: effective teamwork, managing large projects with realistic goals and deadlines, pitching their ideas, thinking critically and independently as well as compromising, and exploring different points of view from with the aim of finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Our university is also actively developing its network of contacts to offer its students the best internship opportunities.

Interdisciplinary Approach Interdisciplinary Approach

ARUCAD students are creative thinkers determined to change the world for the better. To ease and enrich their journey, we encourage them to look beyond their discipline to find new solutions and inspiration. The design of packaging is connected by invisible threads with engraving, likewise architecture is connected with ceramics, and understanding this gives the artist a uniquely complete understanding of their task.

Research Research

ARUCAD offers its students extensive opportunities for research activities, enriching the learning process and developing data skills. Furthermore, research activities contribute to the formation of independence and increased professional competence, which is valued both in continuing education and in a future career.

Networking Networking

Time spent at university is important not only for studying, but also for forming your own network of friends and acquaintances who will soon become professionals in the creative industries. Every student or teacher here could be a valuable contact for you in the future. By joining us, you will be able to become a member of international academic and artistic communities and showcase your work in student performances/exhibitions.