Mission & Vision

Mission Mission

ARUCAD aims to fill the perceived lack of world-class art and design education in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region. Through its interdisciplinary, intercultural programs, ARUCAD raises the bar of standards in the fields of art, design and communication, striving to contribute to cultural and intellectual life locally, regionally and globally. Our approach emphasizes the fluid, transitional and hybrid nature of art, design, and communication today.

ARUCAD is an ambitious incubator where students master the theories and practices of visual production, learn to appreciate creative excellence of the past and present, and develop an understanding of contemporary environmental, ethical and social issues. To this end, ARUCAD provides students with state-of-the-art facilities, a world-class library, and respected educators.

Furthermore, ARUCAD strives to establish dialogue and cooperation between the academic environment and the wider creative community. During their time studying, each student will become a witness and participant in joint projects of the university and such enterprises as galleries, museums, production houses, large productions and holdings. All this is not only to raise the competitive spirit and motivation among students, but also to spark interest in art and design among the public and businesses.

Vision Vision

ARUCAD was created with the aim of becoming a leading multi-cultural educational center in Cyprus and the Mediterranean region, as well as shifting the historical local focus on the sciences towards creative thinking. ARUCAD views art and design as integral parts of society, which should develop after it and vice versa, set the trajectory of society’s development.

The relationship between aesthetics and functionality, intentional and unintentional communication through any medium, the process of creating things and images integrated into our everyday existence — through an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, we direct students’ attention to a holistic understanding of creativity.